Speech Pathology/Speech Therapy/Communicate Speech-Language Pathology/Meg Sheridan/Wellington/Dunnedoo


(B.SP.Path, CPSP, MSPA, Hanen Certified Speech Pathologist)


Meg has worked with children & families in rural communities for the past 12 years. 

Meg is committed to supporting families and individuals to talk, play, learn, eat, live and connect with others.

Assessment and intervention is available for:

  • Speech (saying sounds clearly).

  • Language (understanding others & using language for expression)

  • Social skills (play and interaction).

  • Literacy/emergent literacy (skills for spelling, reading & writing).

  • Dysfluency (stuttering).

Standardised assessment is also available.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and education sessions are available for School, Preschool & Child Care Educators. Please contact to discuss your specific needs.